Introducing Rentabilix
The Real Estate investing companion tool

Rentabilix illustrated

What is it?

Rentabilix is a tool that aims at simplifying and boosting your Real-Estate-investing life.

It is an extension you can add to your Chrome browser in order to help calculate potential returns right from a property listing's page you're visiting on the web. Rentabilix will automatically deduce certain values from popular real estate sites (see the guide for more information). Thereafter, you may take several other actions such as changing or tweaking the calculation variables as well as favoriting or rating the property to keep track of potential deals.

Smart & efficient

Auto-detect values from popular sites and calculate potential returns on the listed property

Rating, saving & more

Flag interesting properties by saving (in your favorites), rating or annotating them

Practical & time-saving

Save time by gaining quick results based on conventions or settings you may define



Get an instant overview of numbers relevant to you as a real estate investor

Synced data

View the data you set for your saved properties on any machine you're logged on

Personal dashboard

Gain access to your collection in your personal dashboard (which include widgets)


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Real Estate investing made simple

Rentabilix follows you wherever you go and, whenever you find deals, you can just pop it up and start calculating the potential returns.

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Easy data manipulation

Updating the values of the listed property is quite straightforward. The tool also assumes some handy default values which can be tuned up if needed.

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Love, rate or comment Premium

For each deal, you may favorite it, rate it, list pros/cons or provide useful annotations that allow you to better classify the property according to your goals.

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Intuitive Pros vs Cons Premium

The Pros vs Cons section makes it quite simple and intuitive to set benefits and drawbacks of a property. You may also add your own pros and cons of course.

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Integrated calculator

Rentabilix comes with an integrated and very handy calculator which provides the ability to freely crunch numbers on the fly whenever the need arises.

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Default values and behaviors Premium

You can modify default values and behaviors of Rentabilix in order to fine-tune the automatic calculation of returns according to your context and needs.